Upcoming release: ‘The Chromatic Gardener’ – Saxkartel – SFR-CD015

We are happy to announce the next release in our catalogue, after some hectic and very unforeseen virus messed with our and everybody’s plans the past 6 months. ‘The Chromatic Gardener’ is the new album of Saxkartel, the illustrious saxophone quartet that had an intense existence already over 10 years ago, with two previous albums and a prestigious prize under its belt. After a decent hibernation period, here’s version 2.0, with a new and original repertoire and a fresh and burning line-up. Release date is 15 September, 2020. Look out for it in your favorite record store, or in the iTunes store or various streaming media. Most supportive way to purchase is via our webshop on this website. We ship internationally with love!!