Upcoming release: Saxkartel

In these trying times where we’re all under siege and where our industry – just like many others – is being hit very hard, we are still happy and excited to share some positive news: our next release will be the new album of SAXKARTEL. This saxophones-only ensemble of bandleader and composer Tom Van Dyck was very active some years ago, and already has a few albums and a major prize (Avignon 2006) under its belt. After a long break, Tom recently decided to revive the project with a fresh line-up and a brand new repertoire of strictly originals. We have always been fans of this band, so we are proud to welcome them on our humble platform. 🙂

Release date is May 13 2020. More info very soon!!

In the meantime: stay healthy, everybody, and let’s be responsible and take care of each other. All the best and we hope to see you all soon!