Rebirth::Collective ‘Raincheck’ Official Release 20 March 2016

Rebirth::Collective’s new album ‘Raincheck’ will be presented on March 20 2016 with a concert on Leuven Jazz. Very excited about this album, with great guitar playing by soloist Jesse Van Ruller, beautiful arrangements, and a very tasteful overall production, with great sound by Werner Pensaert and lovely mastering by Uwe Teichert. Plus an incredible cover by the one and only Rinus Van De Velde… (This baby might become a collector’s item just for the cover! No kidding :-))

This album will be available physically (FNAC, …) and digitally (via iTunes exclusively) in March. If people would be interested in receiving a pre-ordered copy (which can be signed by the band members if you want!!), please feel welcome to send an email to, to receive payment details… We’ll send you your copy upon reception of the payment.