Press exclusive Information


Information that should be in every press kit: contact information, company address, links and the introduction text.


Contact Person

Your contact information for reporters to use to contact you for press inquiries.


Company Address

Address of your company



Links to your social media profiles, app store page, blog or website.


Introduction Text

The introduction text on the home page of your press kit. Explain what your company does, what products you have, your story and how your business came about.



Enhance your press kit by adding more content



A list of published articles, blog posts or storys about your product or business.



A list of awards you received for your product or business.



Add testimonials from happy customers, reviewers or bloggers


Press Releases

Write a new press release.



Add everyone involved in the company, their name, title and image.



Images of your product, screenshots of your website, pictures of your team or office.



Embed videos from youtube, vimeo, wistia or dailymotion



The logo of your company or product.


Other Media

Anything else that you want reporters to be able to download. Maybe some spreadsheets, pdf documents, zip folders, etc…