Crowdfunding Tutu Puoane

Hi all,

Tutu Puoane is running a crowdfunding campaign to help finance her upcoming album.

As you are probably aware, making albums has become increasingly more difficult on the financial level for independent artists, particularly those who operate within rather niche-areas of the market, partly because the return on investment is on the decline (due to the major change in music consumption culture in recent years – streaming platforms etcetera…)

At the same time, playing, recording, mixing, mastering, producing, printing is not getting any cheaper when done right by talented professionals – everybody needs to get paid and eat and feed their kids and pay their bonds, right?

Anyway: we are investing in the project ourselves, we secured some investment money, but we’re still looking to make ends meet financially, so YOU can help 🙂

Find the campaign and all info about the production by clicking here.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support – it is invaluable and highly appreciated.

We can’t wait to release this album in the beginning of 2024 – more news will follow!!