Small World – ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’ – SFR-CD011

Happy to announce number eleven in our catalogue: ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’ of Small World.

Small World is a cross-continental coöperative musical improvisation project between two South African and three Belgian musicians. They got together in 2016 and played an extensive tour in Europe in autumn of 2016. Two concerts at the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club in Basel, Switzerland were live-recorded, and a selection of that music is found on this debut album. A real live-vibe, soulful and groovy tunes with mixed flavours from all over, and a lot of interaction and open-ended improvisation.

Official release date is April 3, 2018 and the band will tour in Belgium and Luxemburg between April 13 and 21. Dates in our Events-section.

Marcus Wyatt (Johannesburg, South Africa) – trumpet

Ewout Pierreux (Antwerp, Belgium) – piano

Steven Delannoye (Brussels, Belgium) – tenor sax

Romy Brauteseth (Johannesburg, South Africa) – bass

Teun Verbruggen (Brussels, Belgium) – drums

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SFR-CD010 We Have A Dream – Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra OUT NOW.

And here we are: proud to present number 10 in our catalogue 🙂

A new collaboration between Brussels Jazz Orchestra and Tutu Puoane, after their first award-winning album Mama Afrika (2011). ‘We Have A Dream’ celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, and his eternal legacy of a peaceful fight for equality, justice and  human rights. A repertoire of songs with a message, addressing issues still very rooted in society today, beautifully arranged by Michel Herr, Bert Joris, Gyuri Spies, Lode Mertens and Alan Ferber.

The première concert will take place at De Singel in Antwerp on 23 February 2018. More tourdates in the Events-section of this website, or on the website of Brussels Jazz Orchestra

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Small World ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’: album release and tour

In April 2018 we will release ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’, the debut album of Small World, the coöperation project between Ewout Pierreux and South African trumpet player Marcus Wyatt, featuring Steven Delannoye on saxophone, Romy Brauteseth (SA) on bass and Teun Verbruggen on drums. This band came together for the first time in 2014 and found its definitive line-up with an extensive tour in Belgium/Luxemburg/Switzerland in November 2016. In Bird’s Eye Jazz Club in Basel, two gigs were recorded, and a selection of those takes will be found on this album. The music is an exciting mix of flavours, with a lot of open-ended improvisation and interplay, and some genuine lyricism and swing.

Small World will play a small release tour, mainly in Belgium, to celebrate the birth of this first baby :-). Check the Events-section on this website for all info.

We hope to see you on one of the gigs! Thanks for supporting everybody!

‘We Have A Dream’ ready for pre-order.

Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra’s new album We Have A Dream can now be pre-ordered:

  • For a physical copy, visit our webshop. Pre-order and pay, and receive your copy in your mailbox on the album’s release day, February 8 2018.
  • For a digital copy, visit the iTunes Store.

Thanks for supporting, we hope you enjoy the album!

Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra – ‘We Have A Dream’ – SFR-CD010

As announced before Christmas, we are very happy to present the next upcoming album in our catalogue: ‘We Have A Dream’, a new collaboration between Brussels Jazz Orchestra and South African/Belgian singer Tutu Puoane.

After the success of their first partnership, the album ‘Mama Africa’ (2011) for which they won a South African Music Award, among other accolades, ‘We Have A Dream’ brings together a broad repertoire of songs from very different corners of the music world, all with human rights themes and dedicated to the struggle for justice, equality and freedom. Music written by artists such as Sting, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Marvin Gaye, arranged for this project by exquisite, experienced arrangers from the orchestra and beyond, including Bert Joris, Michel Herr, Gyuri Spies, Lode Mertens and Alan Ferber. The result is an exciting, engaging yet accessible mix of sounds and styles, with Tutu’s beautiful voice supported and surrounded by the band’s signature sound, and with inspired soloing from the band members throughout.

Official release date is set on February 8 2018, and the premiere concert will take place at De Singel in Antwerp on February 23 2018.

The digital download-version of the album will be available for pre-order in the iTunes Store. Stay tuned :-).

For more info, visit the BJO-website.

More tourdates via the events-section of this website.

Cover and artwork design by Romy Brauteseth