Title Breathe
Artist Tutu Puoane

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD001
Release date 14 May 2012

Genre Jazz/Soul/African 

Tutu Puoane’s self-produced album with a set of beautiful and soulful originals and some arrangements of her favourite composers. Recorded/mixed/mastered in and inspired by New York, USA.

Title Rebirth::Collective
Artist Rebirth::Collective

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD002
Release date 1 April 2013

Genre Jazz 

Highly acclaimed debut album of this Belgian based jazz collective, led by trombone player Dree Peremans. This traditional octet line-up sounds and functions as a mini-bigband, with a lot of self-arranged ensemble work and burning solos. Traditional Hardbop-idiom of the ’50 and ’60 with a modern and youthful twist.

Title Yip & Yang
Artist DelVitaGroup

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD003
Release date 13 October 2013

Genre Jazz/Classical 

Debut album of one of the most talented young bands in Belgium, with a successful ‘cross-over’ project : some tracks are contemporary arrangements of repertoire of Belgian classical composers.

Title iLanga
Artist Tutu Puoane

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD004
Release date 1 October 2014

Genre Jazz/Soul/African 

Tutu Puoane adds two horns to her usual Quartet line-up, for a more festive sound. A repertoire of groovy originals and tastefully arranged covers on a crossroad between Jazz, Pop and Soul with some unmistakable South-African flavour.

Title Raincheck
Artist Rebirth::Collective (feat. Jesse van Ruller)

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD005
Release date 20 March 2016

Genre Jazz 

Second album of this acclaimed band, that grew from an octet into a nonet for the occasion by adding an extra trumpet, making it more a small bigband rather than a large small group.  Dutch guitar great Jesse van Ruller is featured as a soloist in a repertoire that entirely consists of tunes by Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington’s notorious partner-in-crime.  Fresh new arrangements, eloquent and elegant playing by van Ruller, a strong band sound and beautiful solo contributions by each of the members make for a very successful celebration of Strayhorn’s music.

Title Narrative
Artist Tim Finoulst Trio

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD006
Release date 14 September 2016  

Genre Jazz

Debut album of this young and very promising guitar trio, led by Tim Finoulst, with Martijn Vanbuel on bass and Daniël Jonkers on drums.  They bring a beautiful repertoire of mainly originals, with a strong emphasis on singable melodies and light grooves.  Introvert at times, and dancing occasionally, the music is full of atmosphere with a beautiful balance between the three instruments.

Title Another Story
Artist Bravo Big Band

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD007
Release date 15 March 2017  

Genre Jazz

First album of this Brussels-based new Jazz Orchestra.  A bunch of young guys playing their behinds off and hyper-motivated to make this project a success…  Great writing and arranging, a solid rhythm section and soloists who can make a difference.  This band is here to stay and has got everything to become a household name in the Big Band world.

Title The Joni Mitchell Project Live
Artist Tutu Puoane

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD008
Release date 01 August 2017  

Genre Jazz

Selection of live-tracks taken from two concerts of Tutu Puoane’s Joni Mitchell Project during its recent 2017 spring tour.  Beautiful renditions of some of Mitchell’s incredible tunes, with an open improvisational approach.  Nice testament to Puoane’s beautiful voice, her charisma on stage and her interaction with the audience.

Title Witchcraft
Artist Rebirth::Collective

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD009
Release date 28 September 2017  

Genre Jazz

Album n°3 of Rebirth::Collective.  After their well-received self-titled debut album and ‘Raincheck’, their tribute to the repertoire of Billy Strayhorn featuring soloist Jesse van Ruller, the band returns to their initial octet line-up, with mainly own compositions and arrangements of leader and trombonist Dree Peremans.  The basic idea remains the same : a fresh and contemporary, but still fully acoustic personal take on hard bop, with well-arranged swinging versions of standards and originals, and a lot of space for solo work from all seats in the band.

Title We Have A Dream
Artist Tutu Puoane & Brussels Jazz Orchestra

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD010
Release date 08 February 2018 

Genre Jazz

After the success of their first partnership, the album ‘Mama Africa’ (2011) for which they won a South African Music Award, among other accolades, ‘We Have A Dream’ brings together a broad repertoire of songs from very different corners of the music world, all with human rights themes and dedicated to the struggle for justice, equality and freedom. Music written by artists such as Sting, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, Marvin Gaye, arranged for this project by exquisite, experienced arrangers from the orchestra and beyond, including Bert Joris, Michel Herr, Gyuri Spies, Lode Mertens and Alan Ferber. The result is an exciting, engaging yet accessible mix of sounds and styles, with Tutu’s beautiful voice supported and surrounded by the band’s signature sound, and with inspired soloing from the band members throughout.

Title Live At The Bird’s Eye
Artist Small World

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD011
Release date 03 April 2018

Genre Jazz

Small World is a cross-continental coöperative musical improvisation project between two South African and three Belgian musicians. Marcus Wyatt (Johannesburg, SA – trumpet), Ewout Pierreux (Antwerp, B – piano), Steven Delannoye (Brussels, B – tenor sax), Romy Brauteseth (Johannesburg, SA – bass) and Teun Verbruggen (Brussels, B – drums) got together and played an extensive tour in Europe in autumn of 2016. Two concerts at the Bird’s Eye Jazz Club in Basel, Switzerland were live-recorded, and a selection of that music is found on this debut album. A real live-vibe, soulful and groovy tunes with mixed flavours from all over, and a lot of interaction and open-ended improvisation.

Title Opus #1
Artist Matthias Van den Brande

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD012
Release date 10 October 2018

Genre Jazz

Originally from Antwerp, Matthias now lives in Amsterdam (NL) where he was a student at the Conservatory up till recently. As the title clearly suggests, this is his debut album, with an ambitious project combining a (mainly) acoustic jazz quartet with a classical wind quintet. He arranged a repertoire of originals and some famous jazz tunes by Monk and Gershwin, with a strong sense of colour, balance and space. His warm and lyrical sound on both tenor and soprano, the overall beautiful, inspired and well-informed playing of himself and his band mates and a varied mix of influences from jazz, classical and Brazilian music make for a highly fascinating debut.

Title Tender Machine
Artist Tim Finoulst Trio

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD013
Release date 12 June 2019

Genre Jazz

‘Tender Machine’ is the second album of the trio of guitar player Tim Finoulst, with Martijn Vanbuel on bass and Daniël Jonkers on drums, after their 2016 debut ‘Narrative’ which also appeared on our label. The band brings a brand new repertoire of own compositions, with influences from jazz, pop, folk, roots, blues, soul, … and is supplemented on several tracks with two special guests: Bert Joris and Tutu Puoane. An album with a beautiful sound full of integrity and tasteful, intuitive melodic statements.

Title Dedicato
Artist Trio in Bocca al Lupo

Catalogue Nr SFR-CD014
Release date 08 January 2020

Genre Jazz

Trumpet player Carlo Nardozza is without a doubt one of the most talented jazz musicians of the younger generation in Belgium. On ‘Dedicato’ he shows his most lyrical side, with nine tracks dedicated to the most important people in his life. His beautiful trumpet sound is very tastefully accompanied by pianist Alano Gruarin and guitarist Tim Finoulst.