Since the beginning of 2024, we manage and organise live engagements of Tutu Puoane in-house, both locally and internationally.

In addition, we handle the bookings for the bands and projects mentioned on the bands/projects page of this website.

Concerning the artists/bands that have released albums on our label (see the catalogue/shop page): we don’t have booking agreements with all of them, but we for sure don’t mind functioning as a communication hub and will be glad to put you in touch with the relevant people responsible for handling bookings for the artist/band/project you are interested in.

And due to our experience and connections in our music scene, specifically in jazz and improvised music, we are also able to find suitable musicians/bands to perform at any occasion, be it for private or public events. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

For all booking inquiries, please send us a message via the contact page of this website, or send an email to We will be in touch asap.