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It’s probably a bit overdue – but better late than never: we started a label page on Bandcamp.

We’ve always had a lot of respect for BC’s business model, and for how they are looking for providing sustainable sources of income for independent musicians/artists, in a digital business landscape that is now definitively dominated by online streaming, which has completely annihilated the revenue of recorded music for musicians/bands with a relatively limited fanbase.

We also get questions regularly from fans/listeners/followers about the possibility to purchase digital downloads of our releases (in various (lossless) formats), which is something that is very hard to organise on an independent website of a small label such as ours.

So that is immediately our first objective: offer those of you who have an offline digital music collection the opportunity to purchase and download our releases in your preferred digital format.

Second objective is to offer all of you a way of digitally consuming our music while sustainably supporting our label and musicians directly. A way that makes a real difference with every digital purchase, in very much the same way as buying physical copies. We will continue to try and raise awareness about the fact that all the 10 bucks/month subscriptions of the world to Spotify and the likes are very handy and nice from a user/listener perspective, but they literally mean no income at all for the ultimate majority of (independent) musicians out there who do not generate gazillions of streams. Your 7 bucks per purchase on Bandcamp (or more), on the contrary, really does.

One of the beauties of Bandcamp lies in the fact that they offer a free and very user-friendly and goodlooking app, allowing you unlimited online streaming of all the music you have purchased. In that way it is the perfect and sustainable alternative for all those major streaming platforms who are now ruling the planet.

Go have a look if you feel like: we have uploaded Tutu’s albums (the ones we own) and the Small World album for starters, and currently we are setting up conversations with the rest of the musicians/bands in our catalog about digital distribution of their stuff on BC, so we hope to be able to add more albums soon.

Clicking HERE gets you right in the middle of the action. 🙂

Of course we continue to sell physical CDs right here on our website, but we don’t rule out the possibility of also offering physical merch on Bandcamp in the future. Stay tuned – we are looking forward to also connecting with you all over there.

Thanks a lot for your support!!

Cheers, SFR.