‘Another Story’ – Bravo Big Band OUT NOW.

Today is the official release day for the newest member in our growing catalogue : Bravo Big Band’s debut album ‘Another Story’ is now available in all stores, physically as well as digitally.  Find it in your local (jazz) record store, or online as a download in the iTunes Store and on various streaming sites (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.).

Please keep in mind you are supporting artists the most by getting yourself a physical hard copy.  If your record store doesn’t have it in stock just yet, tell them to order it from our distributor Sonic Rendezvous.  They will know what to do :-).  Otherwise you can order straight from us, by dropping us a note via the contact page of this website.  We’ll gladly send you a copy.

Bravo Big Band is also playing a few nice release concerts in the upcoming months, so you can also get a signed copy from them of course.  Their website is currently under construction but you can also find them on Facebook by clicking here.