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New gigs posted.

Hi everybody, We just updated our agenda. Gigs in spring 2018 of Tutu Puoane (including the new project with Brussels Jazz Orchestra ‘We Have A Dream’!), Rebirth::Collective, Bart Defoort 5tet, Small World, Ewout Pierreux Trio… Check it out in the Events section.

Xmas-sale in our webshop!

Still looking for some nice Christmas gifts? We are giving discounts (in our webshop only!) on our whole catalogue until Dec 24, so don’t hesitate :-). Support independent artists by giving your friends, relatives, colleagues, associates, lovers, husbands, wives, … an album (or two…) of beautiful music. We’ll even neatly gift-wrap it for you with […]

Upcoming release: Brussels Jazz Orchestra feat. Tutu Puoane

We are very excited, happy and proud to announce that we will be releasing the new album of the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, featuring Tutu Puoane. Official release date is set on February 8 2018 and it will be the 10th production on our label, so more than one reason to celebrate! 🙂 More info soon, […]

SFR-CD009 ‘Witchcraft’ – Rebirth::Collective: OUT NOW!

Rebirth::Collective’s new album ‘Witchcraft’ is now available in CD-format in our webshop or in your favorite record store. If you don’t find it in stock just yet, tell the shop responsible to order from our distributor Sonic Rendez-vous, and he/she will know what to do. In about two weeks the album will also be available […]

‘Witchcraft’ – Rebirth::Collective – now ready for pre-order!

Rebirth::Collective’s new album ‘Witchcraft’ will be released officially on September 28 at The Bebop in Leuven, but can now be pre-ordered via our new webshop exclusively.  Visit the Shop-page of this website, and you’ll find it right there…  For tour dates, please check the Events-page.  Thanks for visiting!!

Upcoming release : Rebirth::Collective

Rebirth::Collective’s third album is on its way.  After its self-titled debut album and the Billy Strayhorn-project featuring guitarist Jesse Van Ruller, the band returns to its original octet line-up with compositions and arrangements of band leader and trombonist Dree Peremans.  The album will be called ‘Witchcraft’ and the official release date will be September 28. […]

The Joni Mitchell Project Live – Tutu Puoane out now.

Tutu Puoane’s live album with music of the great Joni Mitchell is now available.  Find it in your favorite (jazz) record store.  If they don’t have it yet, tell them to order it from our distributor Sonic Rendezvous.  They should know what to do :-).  You can also order directly with us, just drop us […]

‘Another Story’ – Bravo Big Band OUT NOW.

Today is the official release day for the newest member in our growing catalogue : Bravo Big Band’s debut album ‘Another Story’ is now available in all stores, physically as well as digitally.  Find it in your local (jazz) record store, or online as a download in the iTunes Store and on various streaming sites […]

Upcoming release : Bravo Big Band

We are very happy and excited to announce our next release : ‘Another Story’, the debut album of Bravo Big Band, a great jazz orchestra founded at the late Bravo club in Brussels.  This ambitious project hosts some of the most talented young musicians in Belgium. They do their own writing and arranging, and they sound […]