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Very excited to announce that Small World, the coöperative project between Belgium (with Ewout Pierreux, piano / Steven Delannoye, tenor sax / Teun Verbruggen, drums) and South Africa (with Marcus Wyatt, trumpet / Romy Brauteseth) will be touring South Africa this coming August. After two successful tours in Europe in recent years (2016 and 2018) […]


It’s that time again: release day! Very happy to welcome number 13 in our catalogue 🙂 After ‘Narrative’, Tim Finoulst Trio proudly present their number two ‘Tender Machine’. A beautiful guitar trio album with a very melodic and tasteful approach, and including contributions of two very special guests: Bert Joris on trumpet and the beautiful […]

Upcoming release: Tim Finoulst Trio

We are very happy to announce the next release: number 13 in our catalogue will be the second album of Tim Finoulst Trio. The follow-up of their debut album Narrative (SFR-CD006) is called ‘Tender Machine’ and will be released on June 12 2019. A beautiful new repertoire of eight originals, some of which with some […]

End-Of-Year Sale in our webshop.

Last year was a big success, so here we are again 🙂 Looking for some nice Christmas- or New Year-gifts? We are giving discounts (in our webshop only!) on our whole catalogue until Dec 14, so don’t hesitate :-). Support independent artists by giving your friends, relatives, colleagues, associates, lovers, husbands, wives, … an album […]

OUT NOW: Matthias Van den Brande – Opus #1 – SFR-CD012

Today we release number 12 🙂 Happy to present ‘Opus #1’, the debut album of Antwerp-born but Amsterdam-based young tenor saxophone player Matthias Van den Brande! Order your physical copy in our webshop, or find it in your favorite record store. If they don’t have it in stock just yet, ask them to order stock […]

Upcoming release: Matthias Van den Brande

We’ve been silent for a while, with the summer holidays and all, but now we’re back and happy to announce number 12 in our catalogue: ‘Opus#1’ of Matthias Van den Brande, one of the most prolific young saxophone players from Belgium. Originally from Antwerp, Matthias now lives in Amsterdam (NL) where he was a student […]

OUT NOW: Small World – Live At The Bird’s Eye – SFR-CD011

Yes, it’s release day again, folks 🙂 Number eleven in our catalogue is ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’ of Small World, the coöperation project between South African trumpet player Marcus Wyatt and Belgian piano player Ewout Pierreux. Order your beautifully packaged physical copy in our webshop, or find it in your favorite record store. Digital […]

Small World – Live At The Bird’s Eye (SFR-CD011) – now ready for pre-order.

Our upcoming release, ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’ of Small World, the coöperation project between Marcus Wyatt and Ewout Pierreux, featuring Steven Delannoye, Romy Brauteseth and Teun Verbruggen, is now available for pre-order. For a physical copy, visit our webshop. Pre-order and pay the discount price, and receive your copy in your mailbox on the […]

Small World – ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’ – SFR-CD011

Happy to announce number eleven in our catalogue: ‘Live At The Bird’s Eye’ of Small World. Small World is a cross-continental coöperative musical improvisation project between two South African and three Belgian musicians. They got together in 2016 and played an extensive tour in Europe in autumn of 2016. Two concerts at the Bird’s Eye […]

SFR on Instagram

Yes, we joined Instagram. Follow us here! Thanks for supporting independent artists and their music. We look forward to the future.  Times change, business changes, but music remains music, art remains art and beauty remains beauty. In these days of digital craze, we continue to try and make you FEEL things. Cheers everybody. 🙂 #SFRonInstagram […]